The National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse
The National Centre for Action on Child Sexual Abuse

National Centre’s path ahead

The Draft Five-Year Strategy represents the start of a committed journey to transform the way that child sexual abuse is understood and responded to in Australia.

It describes a collective ambition in which we all work together to:

  • Empower, educate and enable families, communities and service providers to better meet the needs of victims and survivors of child sexual abuse across their life course; and,
  • Inspire community, policy and practice change to stop child sexual abuse from occurring.


The Draft Five-Year Strategy sets the starting point for what the National Centre intends to do and accomplish. We know that we cannot achieve our plans without collaborating closely with the many national, state and local initiatives and plans in the making or already underway. For that reason, the National Centre has sought feedback from victims and survivors, service providers, policymakers and researchers, and the broader community to refine the focus and impact of the Strategy.

The feedback process closed on 13 January 2023. The National Centre is now reviewing all feedback to further refine and finalise the 5-Year Strategy which will be released in early 2023.

The National Centre would like to thank everyone who has contributed and participated in the development of the 5-Year Strategy.

We look forward to working with all stakeholders, partners and most importantly victims and survivors to transform the way child sexual abuse is understood and responded to within Australia.

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